You know the battles parents, teachers and children have trying to negotiate play time and schoolwork time. Well what we do is integrate schoolwork and homework into a discovery-based video game using artificial intelligence mechanics to personalise the learning and the latest neuro-education research to aid recall. In fact, research has shown that students who play such games for three hours with two hours of instruction can make as much as one year of learning gains.


If we are to improve children’s numeracy skills, we must ensure that they feel confident about what they are doing and enjoy it. This game is structured in such a way as to enable a child to be involved in challenging thinking while being supported and encouraged.

Margaret Hird, Former Principal, North Ainslie Primary School

The game worked well when it was introduced at a very simple level. Children were encouraged to beat their initial time and get a personal best. Once they become confident, the level of difficulty can be increased.

Gail Mason, Master Teacher, North Ainslie Primary School (2000)


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Asha Murphy


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